July 2011

First Book of Sushi

Fans of Amy Wilson Singer are already familiar with her adorable, poetry-filled picture books that are perfect for introducing young children to foreign food concepts. With chunky, colorful images and fun, lyrical text, First Book of Sushi is a wonderful way to show children what to expect when it comes to the Japanese food.

Phrases like “tekka maki” and “kappa maki” are explored, as are concepts such as eating with chopsticks. The contents of a California roll, the texture of tofu, and miso soup are just some of the many foods that children will have a chance to explore in this fun little book.

Though you might not want to introduce little ones to something like wasabi just yet, heading to the sushi bar after reading this book could still be an exciting and educational culinary adventure. You wouldn’t have to spend a fortune; just get your child a simple roll to explore and dissect. He or she may not eat it; I, for one, maintain that sushi is an acquired taste! But the simple act of seeing what it’s all about would be fun enough, and it would help put the contents of the book into perspective. Who knows, you might have a little sushi lover on your hands.